Many coastal communities around the world have to constantly.

Deal with the problem of arrest and detention of fishworkers by States for unauthorized presence,

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NDC’s members demand release of Yemeni fishermen held in Eritrea April 23,2013   |  Source: Saba

A number of the National Dialogue Conference (NDC) carried out on Tuesday a protest pause in solidarity with the Yemeni fishermen detained by the Eritrean authorities.

Participants lifted slogans condemning the Eritrean practices against Yemeni fishermen and the repeated violations of the Yemeni territorial waters.

They demanded the concerned government agencies to quickly communicate with the Eritrean authorities to release 292 fishermen and 858 fishing boats.

The members stressed that the government should carry out its duty to protect the fishermen and their property and to protect the sovereignty of the territorial waters from the continued Eritrean violations.

They also demanded the speedy implementation of the directives of President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi regarding the abolition of fishing agreements in the territorial waters of Yemen, which have been concluded in a manner contrary to the law, as well as giving priority to addressing all fishermen issues.


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