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Taiwan will ‘expel’ Chinese fishermen under new Senkaku deal with Japan April 12,2013   |  Source: The Japan Daily Press

After signing the landmark fishing agreement with Japan earlier this week that allows Taiwan to enter the waters near the disputed Senkaku Islands, Taipei fishery authorities have said they will kick out any trawlers from mainland China that they catch in the area. When reporters asked the Taiwanese government this week what would happen if mainland Chinese fishing ships were encountered, the response from minister Wang Jin-wang was that the country’s coast guard would expel them.

The uninhabited territory in the East China Sea has been at the center of an ongoing dispute between the three countries, with China claiming the islets under the name of Diaoyu, while Japan now has control and now owns them after their purchase from private owners last September. Many analysts believe the area around the islands contain valuable minerals and natural oils, and suspect this is the real reason China has been so aggressive in escalating tensions, particularly since the country made no claims about the territory until a few decades ago.

However, maritime experts believe that the Tokyo government was eager to sign a deal with Taiwan, which has only ever shown concern about the value of the waters to its fishing industry, in order to prevent it from partnering with mainland China to


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