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Pirates kill 16 Bangladeshi fishermen April 01,2013   |  Source: Zee News

Pirates have killed 16 Bangladeshi fishermen in the Bay of Bengal, police said on Monday.

The killings took place in Kutubdia, an island off the coastal town of Cox's Bazaar in southeastern Bangladesh, Xinhua reported. The bodies were dumped in the Bay of Bengal.

"We've come to know that 16 fishermen's bodies were found floating in the bay of Bengal," Mohammad Azad Mia, police chief in Cox's Bazaar, told Xinhua.

He said 23 fishermen, who about a week ago sailed from Kutubdia island, some 400 km southeast of Dhaka, have been missing.

Mia said there was no specific information regarding the deaths of the fishermen whose bodies were found floating with hands and feet tied.

"It seems they (the fishermen) were thrown alive into the sea."

He said the bodies were recovered in a sea area about 50 km away from Kutubdia island.


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