Many coastal communities around the world have to constantly.

Deal with the problem of arrest and detention of fishworkers by States for unauthorized presence,

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28 Iranian fishermen released from Oman jail February 09,2013   |  Source: PressTV

Twenty-eight Iranian fishermen who had been arrested by Oman’s Coast Guard for illegally entering the Arab country’s territorial waters have been released and are back in Iran.

The fishermen were released as a result of serious follow-ups by the Iranian Embassy officials in Muscat and the cooperation of Omani officials.

They returned home on Friday after going through legal proceedings and appearing in court.

The Iranian Embassy in Muscat has been seriously pursing the issue of Iranian nationals in Oman as well as fishermen who unintentionally entered Oman’s waters.

Iran and Oman both have coastlines along the Sea of Oman.


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