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Sri Lanka's Fisheries Dept. gets tough on Lankans, ignores Indians by Leon Berenger February 03,2013   |  Source: Sunday Times

Sri Lanka's Department of Fisheries has upped the rewards for those helping to detect illegal methods of fishing, but says it is helpless to intercept Indian trawlers continuing to poach unhindered in the country’s northern and north western territorial waters.

Hundreds of Indian fishermen cross into Sri Lankan waters by nightfall, haul their nets over the seabed and leave before dawn with catches of fish, prawns and sea cucumber with the Sri Lanka Navy watching helplessly and asked to treat the poachers humanely under a tacit agreement reached between the Sri Lankan Government and the Indian Government

A government minister from the North has announced that he is to muster 5000 trawlers in the Palk Strait, the waters that divide India and Sri Lanka, to protest poaching by Indian fishermen precipitating a fresh crisis between India and Sri Lanka. The protest, organised by Minister Douglas Devananda, is timed for the celebration of the feast of St. Anthony in Kachchativu. Already fishermen are being registered for the protest with the help of fisheries organisations in the Jaffna Peninsula.

In contrast, the Sri Lankan Government is preparing to clamp down on Sri Lankan fishermen engaged in illegal fishing practices that have been on the upsurge partly due to them being


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