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Indonesian police detain 37 fishermen for attacking trawler, HQ by Apriadi Gunawan January 26,2013   |  Source: The Jakarta Post

The Langkat Police in Indonesia's North Sumatra officially detained 37 fishermen on Thursday as suspects in the torching of a fishing trawler and the vandalizing of Langkat Police headquarters.

The suspects were currently detained at the North Sumatra Police headquarters in Medan for interrogation, said Langkat Police deputy chief Comr. Safwan Khayat. He added the transfer was aimed at heading off reprisal attacks by hundreds of the fishermen’s colleagues.

“We were concerned that the incident would recur if the suspects were detained at Langkat Police headquarters. They would return and demand the police release their colleagues. That’s why we transferred them to the North Sumatra Police headquarters,” Safwan told The Jakarta Post on Thursday.

Hundreds of fishermen and various societal elements attacked Langkat Police station on Tuesday afternoon, demanding the immediate release of 22 fishermen being detained at the station.

The fishermen were arrested for their alleged involvement in setting fire to a deep-water trawler owned by an entrepreneur operating in Langkat.

Safwan said that when the crowd arrived at the police station, he engaged in a dialogue with the fishermen’s representatives to find a solution.

He added that the police could only free


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