Many coastal communities around the world have to constantly.

Deal with the problem of arrest and detention of fishworkers by States for unauthorized presence,

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Big fish swallow small fishermen in Lake Victoria by Dann Okoth January 12,2013   |  Source: The Standard

It is early morning when George picks his way to the beach to begin the day’s work — scouring Lake Victoria for fish.

Like all the 35,000 fishermen who ply their trade in Africa’s largest fresh water lake, George is both a player and victim in an escalating competition for the prized catch fuelled by shrinking grounds, decreasing stocks and the entry of big-money players.

If you doubt the emergence of a new economic base on Lake Victoria steadily shifting in favour of the more moneyed and sophisticated players, just look at George. Once the proud owner of a fleet of five boats, George is today a hired hand for big investors who have leased him a motor boat.

“If you cannot beat them, join them,” he said during an interview at Masoto beach in Nyatike in which he requested that he be identified by his first name only lest he loses his job.

“They came here in a big way and there was no way we could stop them, moreover they gave me a better deal because I cannot go home empty handed,” he adds.

The moneyed investors are said to be Somalis.

The contract between George and the Somalis was such that he was entitled to a tenth of all the day’s catch and the investors would fuel the boat and provide all fishing gear. In addition, George would earn between

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