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Troubled waters

This is a thoughtful and challenging documentary that tackles a complex topic of ongoing importance: Australia's attitude towards, and treatment of, Indonesian fishermen. The narrow strip of water between Australia and Indonesia has become a bone of contention between the Australian authorities and the traditional fishermen of the islands of Roti and Timur in Indonesia. The fishermen contend that they have fished in these waters for generations and should have access to it. The Australian authorities claim that over-fishing is destroying the resources and have therefore imposed a ban on Indonesian fishermen. This documentary is a plea for a more tolerant, humane and realistic approach to the problem. This film won the best documentary 2002, at the Sydney Film Festival.

Editor: Kim Moodie
Producer/Director: Ruth Balint
Produced By: Jo-Anne Mc Gowan
Duration: 54 min.
Language: English, Bahasa
Address: Australian Film Finance Corporation Limited, 221a Bay Street, Port Melbourne, Victoria 3207,Australia